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The Industry's Proven Choice for Motive Power Battery Systems


Specializing in industrial batteries, chargers, accessories, and parts, BBI has the power to keep your operations in motion. Higher Quality. Longer Life. More Power.   

Our Product Offering


Lead-Acid Batteries

For over 70 years, Battery Builders, LLC has proudly produced the finest industrial lead-acid batteries that the industry offers. Some of the top manufacturers in the world prefer our batteries for their value, rugged durability, and power performance. BBI batteries are compatible with most forklift brands including the following:















Light duty, ferro-resonant, and high-frequency designs; conventional, opportunity, and fast charge types; available in both single and three phase; used in single and extended shift operations, BBI can help select the best charger for your application.

Watering Systems

Extend the life of your battery with proper maintenance and care, all while lowering your related labor costs. Contact BBI for options on watering systems and electrolyte level indicators along with guidance on a proper maintenance schedule.

Upgrades and Parts

Ensure your battery is equipped with the right accessories for optimal performance and extended life. Select from upgrade options on connectors, vent caps, battery monitoring devices, opportunity and fast charge, vented trays, spark-proof (EE rated), and high gravity batteries.

Service and Warranty

BBI is known for superb quality and customers rest assured that we stand behind our product. All batteries are subjected to a multi-point quality control inspection process and are backed with a 5-year warranty. When service and routine maintenance is needed, BBI has a network of skilled teams ready to help.


BBI Battery Systems

Starting in 1950, BBI has grown into a major provider of cost-effective DC battery solutions for industrial and commercial motive power applications. We pride ourselves on manufacturing highly economical, low maintenance, and recyclable custom battery systems for round-the-clock use.

Contact us to learn more about our battery systems or start your order today!


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