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Why Choose Our Industrial Batteries

For over 70 years, Battery Builders, LLC has proudly produced the finest lead-acid batteries that the industry offers. Some of the top manufacturers in the world prefer our batteries for their value, rugged durability, and power performance.

Battery Builders, LLC uses only the highest grades of lead, lead oxide, sulfuric acid, and premium insulating materials to deliver batteries with dependable power, long life, and paired with unmatched customer service. BBI has provided customers with the highest level of quality and service since 1950.


three batteries side by side


  • Low antimonial grid design provides the greatest power potential and lowest possible internal resistance factors.
  • Oversized grids deliver rated power capacity and performance throughout the entire life of the battery.
  • Highest quality plastic and fiberglass materials are used to insulate the positive plate, ensuring an efficient electro-chemical reaction and eliminating internal shorting.
  • Oversized “Post and Bridge” design delivers reduced resistance factor for cooler operation, enabling batteries to  
    handle the high currents of opportunity and fast charge applications.
  • Quality control inspections ensure consistent performance backed by our 5-year warranty, meaning your battery delivers the reliability you expect.