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Filing a Warranty Claim


Before filing a claim, try these common troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure that over-watering or under-watering of the battery is not occurring by checking electrolyte levels and specific gravity for continuity
  • Ensure extreme temperature operating is not occurring by recording electrolyte temperature and inspecting that intercell connections, cables, and terminal connectrs show no signs of extreme heating
  • Ensure the battery is operating in the application it was originally intended for (i.e. single shift, extended shift, conventional /opportunity/ fast charging)
  • Ensure the battery and any accessories (i.e. watering system, BMU, charger monitor) is not damaged


Warranty Claim Procedure

Follow the steps below to submit a warranty claim of your BBI battery. For questions about your claim or our warranty process, contact us at (630) 851-5800 or via our Customer Support form.

  1. All warranty claims must be accompanied with a Warranty Claim Form. Download and complete Step 1 of this fillable PDF
  2. Download and complete the Field Inspection Report to capture the details of your application, use, and battery conditions
  3. Email the completed Warranty Claim Form, Field Inspection Report, and three photographs to [email protected]
  4. Warranty Claim Forms will be reviewed and responded to within 48-72 hours of receiving at which time either further direction will be provided of how to proceed with the claim as submitted or a request for additional information

All repair items where deemed to be warrantable are provided at no charge. Freight costs are not provided on warrantable repair items or battery transport costs to our nearest Servicing Dealer.

Warranty Claim Forms

Utilize the forms below to expedite and support the warranty claim process:

Warranty Claim Form

Field inspection Report

Capacity Test Sheet