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Battery Builders, LLC

For all warranty questions, contact BBI Sales Support at (630) 851-5800.



BBI grants a 5-year/60-month warranty period for lead-acid batteries. Under these terms, if a battery becomes unserviceable due to defective workmanship or material within 60 months from date of shipment, it will be repaired or replaced at BBI’s option.


Under confirmation of warranty claim, buyer will incur no cost for parts or labor, F.O.B the nearest BBI service location. Repairs will be made by a BBI servicing agent in the area or a pre-approved battery repair center.


If the battery is deemed unrepairable, the battery will be replaced at BBI’s expense with goods of comparable size and type.


  1. Battery must be properly sized in regard to weight and capacity for the duty cycle it is to perform for customer’s application, per customer’s disclosure of requirements at time of sale.
  2. Battery must be paired to a properly sized charger with proper control to recharge the battery, causing the battery no operational harm.
  3. 5-year/60-month warranty term is based on 1800 cycles and limited to one charge and one discharge within a twenty-four-hour period to 80% rated capacity and no more than 350 cycles per calendar year.
  4. Warranty will be acted upon if battery fails to reach 80% of published, rated capacity amp hour at the 6-hour rate to a final voltage of 1.70 volts when tested under manufacturer’s guidelines.
  5. Repaired or replaced battery will be warrantied only for the remainder of the original warranty term period.
  6. Warranty is invalid if battery is subject to lack of maintenance, misuse, physical damage, or abuse other than the normal wear and tear.
  7. Warranty only applies to original buyer and is nontransferable.
  8. Warranty is void if battery becomes unserviceable due to fire, wreckage, freezing, neglect, evidence of high temperatures, any act of god, use of battery additives, or if battery has been tested, serviced, or repaired by a source other than an authorized BBI servicing agent.


Warranty Term of 2 Years

Lead-acid batteries manufactured with 5, 7, or 9 plates per cell and lead-acid batteries manufactured with built-in chargers are warrantied for a period of 2 years/24 months from date of shipment from BBI. An additional 1 year/12 months pro-rated or 300 life cycles, whichever comes first, is also granted.

Warranty Term of 3 Years

Lead-acid batteries manufactured with Opportunity Charge, Fast Charge Single Cable, or Fast Charge Dual Cable adders are warranted for a period of 3 years/36 months from date of shipment from BBI.


The buyer's acceptance of delivery of the goods constitutes acceptance of the foregoing warranties and remedies, and all conditions and limitations thereof. Warranty is understood to be the exclusive agreement between parties relating to the subject matter here for. No representing agent, unless noted so by BBI in writing, is authorized to any warranty in addition to those made in this agreement.

BBI shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the sale or related to the use of this product. Buyer assumes responsibility for personal injury and property damage resulting from the handling, possession, or use of the product. In no event shall the liability of BBI for any and all claims, including claims of breach of warranty or negligence, exceed the purchase price of product.


  1. Prior to submitting a warranty claim, buyers are asked to use these battery troubleshooting tips:
    Ensure that over- or under-watering of the battery is not occurring by checking electrolyte levels and specific gravities for continuity.
  2. Ensure extreme operating temperature is not occurring by recording electrolyte temperature and inspecting that intercell connections, cables, and terminal connectors show no signs of extreme heating.
  3. Ensure battery is operating in the application it was intended for such as single-shift vs. multi-shift, or conventionally charged vs. opportunity charged.
  4. Ensure battery and any accessory item (watering system, level indicator, battery monitoring or interactive charger device) is not damaged.



BBI’s Throughput Amp/Hour warranty covers all lead-acid batteries containing 9-33 plates per cell to be free of defects or workmanship for the period of up to 3,000 discharges to 60% of the battery’s rated capacity for a period limited to 5 years from original date of manufacture.

Throughput Amp/Hour warranty applies only to batteries delivered for Fast-Charge or Opportunity-Charge application and limited to operating under charge rates not exceeding 45% of the 6-hour rated amp hour capacity of the battery.

BBI, at is sole discretion, will offer remedy for repair and/or replacement of the battery if it is found to be defective in construction or materials, or failing to deliver 80% of its rated capacity when tested under BBI supervision. Warranty excludes all freight costs for repair or replacement and/or warranty testing at BBI or its approved service provider.


  1. Battery must be charged to 100% capacity and equalized on a weekly basis.
  2. Battery must be maintained to ensure correct acid volume and density in each cell, ensuring no plate exposure or change in acid density (1285 SG) due to over- or under-watering practices.
  3. Maintenance records must be retained on a monthly basis and submitted for all warranty remedy to apply.
  4. Battery must be sized to accommodate intended vehicle application’s maximum battery size and capacity.
  5. Battery must be charged using a BBI approved, high-rate charger or competitor’s charger with BBI approval.
  6. Battery must be equipped with a BBI approved, battery-monitoring device installed by BBI.
  7. Battery must be operated at room temperature range, not exceeding 120℉ or 48℃.
  8. Battery must not be discharged past 60% of its rated capacity more than three times per 24-hour period.
  9. Battery must be allowed one day (24-hour period) per week for 100% charging, equalizing, and cooldown period.



Submit a completed FIELD INSPECTION REPORT to BBI, describing basic application and battery condition. All claims must be submitted via BBI’s WARRANTY CLAIM FORM. Buyer must include up to 3 photographs to include view of: battery top, close-up of battery connector tips, and the name plate on the charger being used with the battery under claim.

Upon receipt of claim, BBI will review and return within 72 hours, directions to continue claim process, or if additional information is required for consideration. Buyer will provide necessary, additional information and a 6-HOUR DISCHARGE TEST captured within BBI’s DISCHARGE TEST SHEET. Upon review, BBI will return the WARRANTY CLAIM FORM to detail any remedy that the claim warrants.