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Understanding Battery Trays

A battery tray is like a camera case or a cover for your cell phone, it's the bodyguard to your lead-acid battery ensuring its safety and protection. In addition to keeping the battery cells in place and safe from damage, battery trays also protect the operators who handle lead-acid batteries.

Battery trays come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to ensure the proper fit to your application's industrial truck. Some of the most common design elements when determining the appropriate battery tray are listed below.


Tray Cover

Battery trays come in a wide variety of options when it comes to covers including:

  • Open / no cover
  • Dome cover
  • Hinge cover
  • Split hinge cover
  • Accordion cover

The cover specificied in your application is often dependant on factors such as your forklift's battery compartment, accessibility, and accessories.

Spark Proof

Spark proof trays (or EE trays) are designed according to UL 583 standards, ensuring they adhere to the respective risk of fire, electric shock, and explosion in electric-battery-powered industrial trucks.

Lifting Ears

Lifting ears or arms are often added to the sides of the battery tray in order to ease the process of lifting or moving a battery. This is a common feature found in applications where there is only one battery per truck and it is frequently removed / reinstalled during the charging process..


Essential for accommodating the higher temperatures generated in fast charge operations, vented trays are ideal for multi shift applications.


Additional customizability for battery trays include color and oversized or overweight dimensions. Request a Quote today to inquire into your tray options for your industrial application.